The Directorate General of National Qualifications Framework (DGNQF) concludes the last Capacity-Building Workshop on Listing Qualifications on the Oman Qualifications Framework (OQF) for this year

20 Oct 2022

Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Education represented by the Directorate General of the National Qualifications Framework (DGNQF) concluded the Capacity-Building Workshops on Listing Qualifications in the Oman Qualifications Framework (QOF) for this year, which targeted a number of Awarding Bodies and Education and Training Providers. About eight workshops were held during the current year, the last of which were two workshops dedicated to Sultan Qaboos University conducted between 10 to 12 October and 17 to 19 October 2022, three days for each workshop, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Al Mawaleh. About 52 representatives from different colleges, faculties, and departments from Sultan Qaboos University, participated in these two workshops.
The participants were introduced to National Qualifications Frameworks, OQF governance, management and implementation, OQF Criteria for Listing, the nine stages of the Listing Process, the Qualification Arrangements and the National Register of Qualifications.