The Directorate General of National Qualifications Framework (DGNQF) held the Capacity Building workshop on Listing Qualifications on the Oman Qualifications Framework (OQF)

11 Oct 2022

A three-days workshop staring from October 3, 2022 to October 5, 2022, Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Education represented by the General Directorate of the National Qualifications Framework (DGNQF) held Capacity Building Workshops on Listing Qualifications in the Oman Qualifications Framework (OQF) at Holiday Inn Hotel, Mawaleh. 
Representatives of eight military institutions participated in this workshop, namely: Oman Aircraft Control College, Military Technological College Sultan Qaboos Naval Academy, Air Force Specialized Training Centre, Royal Guard of Oman Technical, Royal Army of Oman, Directorate General of Military Education and Culture, and Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Sciences.
During the first day of the workshop, the participants were introduced to the National Qualifications Frameworks (NQF) and the benchmarking process. Fakhriya Al Habsi, Director General of the DGNQF, spoke about the NQF framework's governance, management, and implementation. The terms related to the NQF were also presented, as well as the process of Listing Qualifications in the NQF, including quality assurance of the qualifications and its learning outcomes and assessment.
On the second day, the discussion of Criteria for Listing: Assessment in the OQF was continued, along with the discussion of OQF Level Descriptors, OQF Level and OQF Credit, and Qualification Arrangements.
On the third day, OQF Level and the allocation of the OQF Level and Credit Value for each module were presented. The dissuasion included the stages of Listing Qualifications in NQF, and responsibilities related to it. Ms. Fatima Al-Ajmi, National Framework Specialist, gave a brief presentation on the National Register of Qualifications.
These three days included many interactive activities that contributed to enriching the participants' skills in the Listing and Alignment processes. The attendees participated in writing the learning outcomes using units, courses or modules from their institutions, and evaluating these courses based on the learning outcomes of the qualification of the OQF.
At the end of the workshop, institutions were urged to develop internal measures and arrangements regarding NQF until the actual implementation of these processes. The workshop was well received by the participants, who expressed their thanks to the organisers.