OAAAQA Welcomes New Employees

04 Aug 2022

Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Education (OAAAQA) has welcomed new employees from various qualification backgrounds to its premises. OAAAQA prepared an induction programme for the new employees, which covered its most important competencies and activities. In Addition to informing them about their responsibilities and rights towards OAAAQA, and giving them a tour of the workplace. It also included a meeting with Her Excellency Dr Jokha bint Abdullah Al Shukaili, CEO of OAAAQA, who in turn welcomed the employees and wished them success in their careers in OAAAQA.
Moreover, the induction programme, which lasted for four days, contained presentations from the Directorate General of Planning and Development (DGPD), the Directorate General of National Qualifications Framework (DGNQF), the Centre for Higher Education Quality Assurance (CHEQA), and the Centre for School Education Quality Assurance (CSEQA) on their activities. The Security Office respectively gave a presentation as well on safety and security procedures followed by OAAAQA.
The Induction programme was concluded with a workshop on the Ejada System, which enlightened the new employees on how to formulate individual goals.