OAAAQA Board approves the OQF Document

23 May 2022

The OAAAQA Board has recently approved the final version of Oman Qualifications Framework (OQF) Document. This OQF Document provides a comprehensive description of the OQF, including its objectives, structure, Level Descriptors and processes for the placement and review of qualifications on the National Register of Qualifications (NRQ). The Document includes the Qualification Arrangements for the range of Omani qualifications offered in general (school) education, academic, technological, professional and technical and vocational education to provide information on the OQF Level and minimum OQF Credit Value of each Qualification Type. 
The OQF is an instrument to describe; compare; and classify qualifications from all sectors of education and training in Oman. It is based on one set of generic Level Descriptors, which describe the expected outcomes at each of its ten levels. The OQF provides a reference point for qualifications delivered and awarded in Oman; the comparison between Omani qualifications and Foreign or International qualifications; and the Recognition of Prior Learning. 
The OQF Document is published on the OAAAQA website