Mr Ahmed bin Saud Al Salmi

Mr Ahmed bin Saud Al Salmi

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Ahmed Al Salmi is a corporate senior executive with over twenty five years of progressive experience in an international environment. He has worked with various multinational and international organizations in the Unites States, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Oman. A journey which started with Novell in the US through Sylvan Learning, Recruit, Thomson Learning and Prometric. From a background in computer information systems, initially spent few years applying those skills and finally being promoted to Managerial positions leading to further promotions to executive corporate leadership positions. For four years, 2004 – 2007, was the Executive Director and head of strategy where the knowledge acquired in merge and acquisition led for the creation of the Joint Venture between Thomson (US) and Recruit (Japan) named ThomsonRecruit, Japan. While at the same time holding an Executive Director’s position responsible for global businesses development. This led to establishing the JV as the leading global brand in the electronic testing industry; today, present in 160 countries with 3,000 testing centres serving over 500 clients. During this time Ahmed Al-Salmi was able to help the JV global clients start successful operations primarily in Japan, USA and the Middle East, as well as a variety of other countries. As a result, was appointed Managing Director and MENA Region Executive Director in 2008 and tasked to establish and run Prometric regional headquarters in Dubai, UAE.
 Starting with a budget of less than USD500K and no local clients, has grown the business to annual revenue exceeding USD 25M and ten clients by the end of 2014, including the regional leader in licensing, registration and certification of health care professionals, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. However, at that point and while still on an upward trajectory, Ahmed AlSalmi decided to Page 02 move to Oman and take various executive responsibilities at (OES) Oman Educational Services (the holding company) of the German University of Technology (GUtech) in Oman.
 At OES he was tasked to reform the foundation program and establish GUbridge; the business unit responsible to run the foundation program and language center at GUtech. In parallel he is also responsible to lead various OES strategic initiatives. One of these initiatives executed successfully is the planning, development, and establishment of the Finland Oman School.